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Building for People: How Car-Less Cities Will Shape Our Future (Keynote)

What would a world look like without cars?

Culdesac is finding out. Erin Boyd leads Government & External Affairs for Culdesac, an Arizona-based company building the first car-less neighborhood from scratch in the U.S. Private vehicle ownership is the largest source of carbon emission pollution and a driver of disconnection as we spend hours commuting. Erin will share Culdesac’s innovative approach to car-free urban design, the challenges and opportunities, and how to build neighborhoods that prioritize sustainability, productivity, and happiness.

Along with her work at Culdesac, Erin also cofounded Ashoka U, a global network for social entrepreneurship in higher education. Previously, she was head of partnerships for ChangeX, a platform that supports impact projects to build healthier communities. Erin graduated from Stanford University with a BA in International Relations and a Master's from the Stanford School of Education, and was named the 2022 Bike Hero for the City of Tempe.

Ryan Johnson is the founder and CEO of Culdesac. Before founding Culdesac, Ryan Johnson was on the founding team of Opendoor, a real estate technology company that gives sellers a competitive cash offer on their home. Opendoor is now in 42 markets with over 100,000 customers served to date. Outside of Culdesac and Opendoor, Mr. Johnson has been involved in the real estate space for two decades through his own investments.

Mr. Johnson’s prior experience also includes work on transportation and urban planning with the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Bain Capital Private Equity, city government in Chile, and McKinsey & Company.


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