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Introducing the WEST WATCH

Updated: May 2

Heyyyyy, miss us yet? 

TENWEST 2023 has come and gone but we're still thinking about all of the fun we had last year and planning for our next TENWEST! 


While we're waiting (impatiently) for the next TENWEST Impact Festival, we're starting a new newsletter series called The WESTWatch! In this monthly series, we'll be dropping updates on all things TENWEST, posting throwbacks, and releasing all the new podcast episodes so keep an eye on your inbox for the news!

If you remember seeing the podcasting set up in the main lobby of the convention center, we're excited to announce that the TENWEST podcast, TENWEST Talks is now live! We'll be posting interviews every Thursday with some of our amazing speakers, recorded keynotes, and more. The best news? We already have episodes for you to binge! Check us out on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

EPISODE 1: GoDaddy knows that to to truly advocate and empower entrepreneurs, you first have to really understand them. That's why, since 20218, GoDaddy's Venture Forward research initiative has studied and analyzed over 21 million businesses with a website and 10 or fewer employees. In Episode 2, Liz, CEO of Startup Tucson, and Alex Rose, Senior Director of GoDaddy Venture Forward talk more about micro businesses in Tucson and across the country.

EPISODE 3: The nature of how we work, learn, and live is undergoing a profound transformation. Shalin Jyotishi, Senior Advisor at New America, delves into how rapidly evolving technology is reimagining every aspect of our lives. From AI to sustainability to shifts within our workplaces, this discussion will delve into the ways in which education and the workforce are evolving to meet the demands of the future. In Episode 4, Shalin and Jess, Co-producer of TENWEST go more in-depth about the changing workplace environment and what it means for our global community.

EPISODE 5: Prepare to embark on a cosmic journey like never before at the TENWEST Impact Festival! Dante Lauretta, Principal Investigator of the seven-year OSIRIS-REx mission will be joined by Daniella DelGuistina, principal investigator of the OSIRIS-APEX Asteroid Mission, to discuss the History, the return, and the important clues of the sample of the earliest remnant of our solar system will reveal. This isn't just about space, it's about us, our origins, and. our place in the solar system.

To recap – we celebrated over 100 local vendors and countless performers and musicians at our 2nd annual Street Fest and saw 12 designers showcase their fashion lines at our Galactic Glam Fashion Show. We also transformed an ENTIRE intersection with TENWEST colors to a safer street! We watched in awe as the dancers from Parson's Dance glided across the stage and stood alongside thousands for All Soul's.


We kicked off our conference portion of TENWEST with the largest Mega Mixer in festival history as we celebrated Tucson's business ecosystem with over 15 partner organizations. This year's conference saw record attendance, with more national and local speakers than ever before.


Each day of the conference we had 4 keynote sessions and 16 breakout sessions to choose from, as well as opportunities for unique networking and other experiences. We celebrated an enhanced cross-border partnership with Mexico with sessions everyday. We partied each evening with concerts and after-parties. And we awarded over $75K in prizes during Thursday's IdeaFunding Main Stage event.


What an amazing whirlwind of inspiration, creativity, and community and it wouldn't have been possible without all of you!

Were you caught up in the moment of TENWEST? Didn't take as many photos as you wanted to? Well, we made a gallery just for that reason! Reminisce about TENWEST and check out all of the cute photos from 2023 in our photo gallery now live on our website!

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