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Less than 20 days until TENWEST 2023!

As we work through the wide variety of TENWEST offerings each week and decide what to feature in our 10 Weeks newsletter, we realize there truly is something for everyone in 2023. All the way from artists and small business owners to community leaders and investors, and all of their kiddos at home… There are even some projects we can all work on TOGETHER!

With that said, we are extremely pleased to share this week's newsletter featuring TENWEST Unwind at Playground, Block Painting Party with Living Streets Alliance, Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon (Dr. Key) of the Village Market in Atlanta, and our signature sponsor, Community Investment Corp.

PS - If you haven't bought your passes yet… What are you waiting for?!

And on the 7th day of TENWEST, the team rested…

Well, almost… TENWEST UNWIND on Friday, NOV 10th at Playground is part cool down, part celebration, and a proper closing to a jam packed week of festivities. We will open the morning with some rooftop Yoga (or just an hour of the TENWEST team stuck in child's pose), followed by your first mimosa and fresh fruit on us, and capped off with a special brunch menu from our friends at Playground/HUB. Veteran's Day observed is the 10th so we expect to see ALL you TENWEST-heads there.

GA Passes and All Access Pass are welcome!

This year, at our 2nd annual free TENWEST Street Fest on Saturday, NOV 4th, we are very excited to announce we will be working with Living Streets Alliance to leave the neighborhood even more beautiful than how we found it!

Join us as everyone will have a chance to contribute their touch on the live painting project at the intersection of 5th Ave and 7th Street while we truly leave our mark on the neighborhood.

In addition to Living Streets Alliance and our leading sponsors, this project would not be possible without the support and efforts of Speedy Striping, Psomas, and the City of Tucson so we wanted to send them all a special shout out for making this family friendly, community art project possible! We cannot wait!

Come as early as 9am to pick up a brush!!!


Founding, Disrupting, and Thriving: Building Your Business and Community

Prepare to be inspired by the transformative journey of Dr. Key, the visionary founder of The Village Market. Dr. Key will take you on a deep dive into her remarkable entrepreneurial story, sharing profound insights, pivotal challenges, and triumphant moments that have defined her path as a true disrupter. In this dynamic and engaging session, Dr. Key will underscore the paramount importance of not just building your business but also nurturing your community and will be interviewed by Keneshia Raymond, Director of Entrepreneurial Success and Access to Capital for Startup Tucson. Discover how forging and nurturing authentic connections can serve as a powerful catalyst for entrepreneurial success.

Recognized as one of the most brilliant minds in education and business, Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon (Dr. Key) has transformed the lives of thousands of Black entrepreneurs across the world. Her love of community, paired with her mantra, “Support Is A Verb,” inspires and educates African Americans to create generational health and wealth. As an award-winning expert in education, business development, and plant-based living, she leaves an indelible mark on any business that walks through her door. Dr. Key has developed an economic vehicle that empowers the Black community through cooperative economics. Her 'key' to success is her village. Entrepreneurship Day - Thursday, NOV 9th 12:45pm at Tucson Convention Center

Signature Sponsor: Community Investment Corp

CIC's goal is to promote economic inclusion for ALL members of southern Arizona, regardless of socioeconomic status. CIC leverages their financial and knowledge capital into the areas of our local economy where an expansion of access is desperately needed. Their work ensures that more people in our community can buy homes, can access the education they want for their children, and can get the funding they need to start, sustain, and grow their small businesses.

CIC's guiding principle is: Nobody who has the desire and diligence to participate in our economy should ever be on the outside looking in.

We are HONORED to call them TENWEST sponsors, and more importantly, friends. True community builders.

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