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FINALLY! …the festival is upon us, kicking off this Saturday at TENWEST Street Fest. Months of planning finally come to a head with one week of brilliant minds, thoughtful experiences, and plenty of “you had to be there” moments. We will miss writing these countdown emails as much as you will all miss reading them! ;D

This week, we are excited to take a deep dive into the massive TENWEST Street Fest event, our 2023 tattoo flash from Karolina Olivia, a keynote conversation with Silvana Estrada and Jenny Ball (of Jenny & the Mexicats), and our wonderful sponsors at Visit Tucson. PLUS - don't forget to download (or update) the official TENWEST Impact Festival app!

There's still time, get your passes NOW at TENWEST.COM

Join us this Saturday, Nov 4th, from 12pm-9pm for the 2nd annual TENWEST Street Fest in Tucson. It's on 6th Ave and 7th Street and local favorites like Tap & Bottle, EXO Coffee, and Royal Room are joining in the fun, along with newcomers like Corbett's. Don't forget the kid-friendly zone by the 4th Ave Coalition at 7th St and Herbert from 12pm-6pm. Enjoy 100+ local vendors, 10+ live music acts, a "Galactic Glam" fashion show, street mural painting, family-friendly activities, and more. Don't miss this party!

  • Street mural painting begins early at 9am-3pm (it's a big mural!)

  • Street Fest proper officially kicks off at 12pm

  • Vendors are open for business 12pm-sundown

  • Live music will be pumping from 2pm-9pm

  • “Galactic Glam” fashion show starts at 5pm

  • Beer Garden is open all dang day

  • Corbett's/Royal Room/Tap & Bottle are open late

  • Weather = Perfect

  • Vibes = Excellent

See y'all there!

What's better than immortalizing memories with a tattoo, right? That's exactly what local tattoo artist Karolina Olivia is offering you. Get the TENWEST logo inked on your skin to make your love for TENWEST official and everlasting. We might even cook up a special discount for the bold souls who go through with it, or you can choose a cute little nopal cactus tattoo to think of us whenever you catch a glimpse in the mirror. We're super excited to offer this option on Creativity Conference Day at the Tucson Convention Center on Wed, Nov 8th. It's first-come, first-served, and Karolina will gladly take cash or e-payment. Get ready to ink up and show your TENWEST pride!


Harmonizing Success: Behind the Scenes in the World of an International Musician

We have talked about the TENWESTx performance at Hotel Congress on Wednesday, NOV 8th, but before these two international stars blow your minds with their music, join them for a keynote fireside chat that delves into the extraordinary journeys of Latin Grammy nominee Silvana Estrada and Jenny Ball of Jenny and the Mexicats.

Hosted by the charismatic Elva De La Torre, KXCI Executive Director and DJ, this conversation promises to be a symphony of inspiration and creativity. Explore the stories behind the music as Jenny and Silvana open up about their diverse backgrounds, the motivations that drive their artistry, and the unique paths that led them to international acclaim. Discover the challenges they faced and overcame, the artistic collaborations that shaped their careers, and the global influences that define their distinctive sounds. This fireside chat is a must-attend event for musicians, artists, and creative professionals seeking to ignite their own creative sparks. Gain insights into the music industry, learn about the power of cross-cultural collaboration, and be inspired to push the boundaries of your own creativity. Don't miss this unforgettable conversation that celebrates the art of music, the journey of artists, and the limitless potential of creativity.

Creativity Day - Wednesday, NOV 8th

12:45pm at Tucson Convention Center

Signature Sponsor: Visit Tucson

TENWEST is proud to work with Visit Tucson as we showcase the many amazing residents, landmarks, and businesses that make Tucson the top destination it has become. Visit Tucson is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization that works to attract leisure visitors, group meetings, sports events, travel media, and films, commercials, and photo shoots to the metro Tucson region. They are the official destination marketing organization for the City of Tucson, Pima County, and the Town of Oro Valley and partner with more than 500 business members throughout the community.

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