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TWO weeks until TENWEST 2023, can you believe it!?

Us either…

Even as time seems to speed up every day in this rapidly evolving world, it's important not to skip over the little things. Whether that be taking time to get to know your neighbor or making the extra effort to compost your food waste…These “micro-actions" can make a huge difference for you and the people around you. We are firm believers in this mindset at TENWEST, which is why we have teamed up with some incredible partners to make sure we are giving our attendees a chance to participate in making a “macro-impact” together!

We have teamed up with Cox Communications once again as our official Sustainability Sponsor, and we are helping create the opportunity to sort all of our own Street Fest and conference compost with Flowers and Bullets, Awareness Ranch, and the DRY Co-op. On that note, sustainability is nothing new to green space veteran and Nov 7th keynote presenter, Andy Ruben (Trove), and of course, our neighbors and partners at All Souls Procession, who we will be hosting a Pre Party and After Party for on Sunday, Nov 5th.

Get your passes NOW at TENWEST.COM

If you haven't participated in the All Souls Procession, you absolutely need to take our word for it and make it happen this year. 200,000 people gather on the streets of downtown Tucson for a two-mile long human-powered procession that ends in the ceremonial burning of “The Urn”. The Urn is filled with the hopes, offerings and wishes of the public for those who have passed. It's a beautiful experience and TENWEST is offering two supporting events as if you need any more convincing… First, join us at Corbett's from 2pm-6pm for live music by TENWEST alumni Hey, Bucko!, cold drinks, and delicious food as we get ready for the parade with FREE face painting for All Access pass holders. Second, you may remember a very epic performance from TENWEST last year, featuring a 15-piece band equipped with a horn section, drum line, dancers, acrobats, bedazzled outfits, and immaculate good vibes?! That was MarchFourth, and lucky for us, our friends and partners at Many Mouths One Stomach have brought them back to MSA Annex to host the official after party of the 34th annual All Souls Procession. Sunday, Nov 5th TENWEST Pre Party with Hey, Bucko! @ Corbett's: 2pm-6pm Gather for Procession @ Speedway & Grande: 4pm / Depart 6pm Grand Finale with Flam Chen and Soriah @ Mercado District: 7pm After Party with MarchFourth @ MSA: 8:30pm TENWEST Pre Party is an open event with free face painting for All Access passholders. Tickets for the after party are $15 or included with TENWEST All Access passes.

In 2022, TENWEST was proud to partner with Awareness Ranch on their waste reduction campaign made possible by Cox Communications 34 by 34 grant. The local group sorted waste at three civic events throughout 2022 and established composting infrastructure at their farm just 30 minutes west of downtown. This year, Awareness Ranch will team up with fellow DRY Cooperative members, Flowers and Bullets, to compost all the food waste at TENWEST 2023, reducing the drive time from 30 minutes to just 10 minutes, processing all of our compost at Flowers and Bullet's Midtown Farm in Barrio Centro. We are extremely grateful and excited to work with these trailblazing organizations, who will also be presenting sessions and participating in panels at the Innovation Conference at Tucson Convention Center on Tuesday, Nov 7th.

Please be mindful at TENWEST and make sure to visit the waste sorting booths at TENWEST Street Fest and Conference to help us capture everything that can be generated into compost for the community!


Quitting the Status Quo: Pioneering Sustainability from Wal-Mart to Resale

Join us for an eye-opening conversation as Trove's founder Andy Ruben shares his transformative journey from traditional retail to product resale by knocking down the norms of the industry. His role at Walmart brought environmental and social concerns to the boardroom, laying the groundwork for a deeper venture into sustainable retail models. Trove, now powering branded resale for partners like Patagonia, REI, Levi's, lululemon, and Gucci, emerged out of the necessity for new business models in commerce impactful solutions. Be inspired to quit your status quo and have impactful change on your own journey. This keynote will be moderated by IdeaFunding alumni, Erica Yngve of Sonoran Stitch Lab.

Andy Ruben is the founder and executive chairman of Trove, a leading company in branded resale and trade-in services for prominent brands and retailers like Canada Goose, lululemon, Patagonia, and more. With over two decades of experience, Ruben has been a pioneer in driving change in the realms of retail, consumer products, and sustainability. Before launching Trove, he played a key role in Walmart's sustainability initiatives as the first chief sustainability officer, transforming private brands in the US retail sector and leading global corporate and e-commerce strategy, including the launch of Online Grocery for Walmart.

Inspired by his achievements at Walmart, Ruben founded Trove to advance sustainable, circular business models that support brand growth while reducing reliance on new manufacturing. Under his leadership, Trove became the first-ever branded resale platform for Patagonia in 2017 and has partnered with multiple iconic brands. Ruben is also a TED speaker, featured in NPR's "All Things Considered," The New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, and has testified before the US House and Senate as a business and sustainability expert. He additionally serves on the Zevia Board of Directors, chairs Zevia's ESG committee, and is a member of the Competitive Council at Cerberus Capital Management.

Innovation Day - Thursday, NOV 7th

3:30pm at Tucson Convention Center

Signature Sponsor: Cox Communications

Cox Communications is a family-owned company committed to creating more meaningful moments of human connection through technology. As the largest private broadband provider in the United States, Cox has used their influence to not only connect millions of Americans to their network, but they have committed to a better future for all with their impact initiatives. As proven in their 34 by 34 campaign (mentioned above), Cox walks the walk when it comes to equity, sustainability, and accessibility. We are extremely proud to call them a Signature sponsor at TENWEST and our official sustainability partners, supporting our waste reduction goals in 2023.

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