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Unlocking Cosmic Secrets: Astrobiology and the OSIRIS-REx Mission (Keynote)

Prepare to embark on a cosmic journey like never before at the TENWEST Impact Festival! Join us for an out-of-this-world keynote and media presentation titled "Unlocking Cosmic Secrets: Astrobiology and the OSIRIS-REx Mission." Dante Lauretta, Principal Investigator of the seven-year OSIRIS-REx mission, will be joined by Daniella DelGuistina, Principal Investigator of the OSIRIS-APEX Asteroid Mission, to discuss the History, the return, and the important clues the sample of the earliest remnant of our solar system will reveal. Erika Hamden, Director of the new UArizona Space Institute, will moderate and provide an overview of current and future space exploration projects at UArizona. But this isn't just about space, it's about us, our origins, and our place in the solar system. Come hear about how asteroid research has far-reaching implications for space exploration and humanity's place in the cosmos. Join us for this exhilarating talk and get ready to unlock the cosmic secrets that could change our understanding of the universe forever. This is TENWEST – where cosmic wonders meet limitless possibilities!

Founded by Startup Tucson in 2015 and hosted every November in Downtown Tucson, TENWEST Impact Festival is a celebration of the growing innovation, creative and entrepreneurial ecosystems in Southern Arizona. Unique in its cross-industry approach, TENWEST showcases the connectivity between technology, entrepreneurship, creativity, culture and impact, uniting attendees to gain the knowledge and inspiration they need to innovate within their own careers and communities. The weeklong event welcomes thousands of diverse attendees to participate in a multi-day conference, Street Fest, nightly xEvents and numerous partner events and experiences.


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