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2018 TENWEST Highlights

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

A Vision for Solving 21st Century Problems: Highlights from TENWEST 2018

TENWEST 2018 was such a blast, and we saw more innovation than ever before! This year, we operated on a Collective Impact Model, centering around bringing organizations and thought leaders together to solve big problems that are locally relevant and globally applicable. We united over 25 partner organizations and non-profits to lay a foundation for TENWEST to be an economic driver and a critical feature of Tucson solving 21st-century problems through innovation and collective action. This year we hosted:

  • 2100 Conference Attendees

  • 5000+ Partner Event Attendees

  • 10 days of programming, 80 unique offerings, TWO new featured partner events

  • Agave Tasting, Bear Down Town: A Downtown Scavenger Hunt, Social Impact Summit, Women's Hackathon

  • First Filmfest Tucson

As TENWEST continues to grow and develop, we’re excited to see the new inspiration, talent, and innovation build Tucson into a city of the future. We’re excited to see everyone at TENWEST this year :) it’s going to be epic!

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