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Coffee Chats 2022

Sip, Savor, and Connect: A Recap of TENWEST's Coffee Chats 2022

One of the best parts of TENWEST 2022 (there are so many best parts) was the Coffee Chats hosted each morning by local coffee roasters! We had the pleasure of working with three prominent figures in the coffee industry: Amy & Doug Smith from EXO Coffee, Curtis Zimmerman of Presta Coffee, and Nick Hoenig from Decibel Coffee. Each coffee roaster hosted the coffee chat for attendees, sponsors, and speakers for unique gatherings that were both comfortable and electric.

Amy & Doug Smith, the visionary owners and roasters behind EXO Coffee, took us on a captivating journey through the origins of their coffee beans and the art of roasting that brings out the unique flavors cherished by EXO enthusiasts. Attendees were treated to a tasting of a carefully selected roast from EXO's roastery. The team also offered insights into the challenges and joys of running a successful café, providing valuable takeaways for aspiring café owners.

Curtis Zimmerman, the mastermind behind Presta Coffee, shared his passion for marrying traditional coffee practices with innovative approaches. Attendees enjoyed coffee from Presta's collection, followed by an in-depth discussion on the intricacies of sourcing and roasting (or naturally drying) coffee beans and finally, Nick Hoenig, the skilled owner and roaster at Decibel Coffee, led a memorable session that allowed attendees to relax and savor everything that makes coffee shops invaluable community spaces.

The coffee chats were another unique way to bring the community together in common spaces, share cups of coffee, and network before the day’s speakers, panelists, and award presentations. What truly makes TENWEST a memorable experience is being able to connect with pillars of our Tucson community in both familiar and new ways because ultimately, coffee lovers all have coffee in common.

Thank you so much to Amy & Doug Smith, Curtis Zimmerman, and Nick Hoenig for welcoming us into your spaces and giving amazing insight into the world of coffee, entrepreneurship and more. Stay tuned for what TENWEST has in store this year on November 4th-10th, get your tickets today!

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