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Why do you support local small businesses?

At TENWEST, we believe when you support a local small business or entrepreneur, you are reinvesting in your own community and driving local economic impact, which is why we devote an entire day to entrepreneurship and feature over 100 local vendors at the Street Fest.

For example, a $35 shirt you buy from CREAM Design & Print for your siblings' Christmas present not only supports the job of a Tucson-based screen printer and designer, but also a photographer taking product shots, an administrative associate processing the order, and a fraction of the proceeds even goes to The Southside Worker Center. On top of all that, it helps CREAM pay rent to a local property manager who more than likely employees a local administrative team…And they're all paying taxes to the State of Arizona which can translate into improved public services and infrastructure. Now compare that to the trail of an Amazon or H&M purchase…

Small businesses often provide unique products and services that reflect the culture and character of the community (like a shirt based on an iconic downtown sign). They contribute to the distinctiveness of a place, making it more appealing to residents and visitors alike. Moreover, supporting local startups and small businesses fosters a sense of local pride and solidarity, as you become a part of the story of these businesses' growth and success. It's about fostering relationships, investing in the dreams of your neighbors, and creating a resilient local ecosystem that can weather economic challenges and thrive in the long run.

This week, we are thrilled to highlight a TENWEST keynote speaker who shares this belief, Alexandra Rosen of GoDaddy's Venture Forward program, as well as events and experiences that support local small businesses, our Entrepreneurship Conference Day, the 26th Anniversary of IdeaFunding Pitch Competition, and signature sponsor, UA Venture Capital.

Dive in below and grab your tickets THIS WEEK before prices increase on Friday, October 13th!

TENWEST Entrepreneurship Conference Day is a dynamic convergence point for entrepreneurs, investors, developers, business and community leaders, and ardent supporters of startup ventures.

This jam-packed conference will not only feature IdeaFunding pitch breakouts all day long but also various other unique presentations and keynotes such as:

  • KEYNOTE: Founding, Disrupting, and Thriving: Building Your Business and Community with Dr. Key, of Village Market in Atlanta

  • Build a Business that's Bigger than You with Dr. Greg Watson

  • Launch Your Business 10x Faster with AI with Aaron Eden

  • Unleashing Business Success: The Power of Patent Data Analysis with Pranita Dharmadhikari

  • The Equity Dating Game: How to Find the Right Investor/Entrepreneur Match with Stephanie Sims

…and many other sessions with insights for both non-accredited and accredited investors during our RAIN Capital Conference, guidance for all stages of entrepreneurs, and invaluable discussions on business leadership and development strategies.

Together, we will embark on a journey through the multifaceted world of entrepreneurship on Thursday, Nov 9th at Tucson Convention Center.

Join us for the 26th Annual IdeaFunding, Arizona's longest-standing and premier entrepreneurial pitch competition and event. The centerpiece of our Entrepreneurship day, this competition brings the state's most promising startups together to compete for over $75,000 in cash and prizes.

Watch as five budding entrepreneurs present their game-changing ideas to a panel of seasoned investors on the main stage, seeking not only financial rewards but invaluable feedback to fuel their journey toward startup success. Twenty additional companies will also be pitching throughout the day in specific industry rooms that you won't want to miss! Whether you're an investor scoping out the next big thing or just someone keen on innovation, this competition is a showcase of Arizona's best and brightest entrepreneurial talent.

Don't miss it, Thursday, Nov 9th with pitches starting at 9:30am and Main Stage event from 6pm-8:30pm at Tucson Convention Center.

Keynote - The Macro Impact of Microbusinesses: How Digital Entrepreneurs are Powering our Local Economies with Alexandra Rosen (GoDaddy)

GoDaddy knows that to truly advocate and empower entrepreneurs, you first have to really understand them. That's why, since 2018, GoDaddy's Venture Forward research initiative has studied and analyzed over 21 million businesses with a website and 10 or fewer employees. This session will feature U.S.-wide and Tucson-specific insights on where these businesses are, what their economic impact is on jobs and incomes, who the entrepreneurs are behind them, and what support they need to prosper.

Alexandra Rosen is the Senior Director of Venture Forward at GoDaddy, driving the research initiative to shine a spotlight on the outsized economic impact made by more than 21 million microbusinesses and the entrepreneurs who start them. Alex partners with policymakers, economists, and organizations to empower and support these entrepreneurs at every stage. Throughout her career, Alex has established meaningful partnerships and developed innovative programs globally in technology, sports, and live entertainment for brands like Google, Cisco, and GoDaddy. Each has been customized to ensure positive benefits for companies and communities. Her work spans the Internet of Everything, Live Nation, Rio 2016 Olympics, and Global Citizen among others.

Tuesday, Nov 7th

12:00 PM at Tucson Convention Center

Signature Sponsor: UAVenture Capital

UAVenture Capital Fund, LLC or UAVC, is a Tucson-based investment fund designed specifically to help finance University of Arizona connected enterprises including the commercialization of faculty-led innovation originating at the University of Arizona. Founded by Fletcher J. McCusker and Michael N. Deitch, UAVenture Capital brings over 20 years of collaborative experience with over 30 acquisitions, and a strong desire to invest in Tucson born businesses that can reach the next level.

Get in the mood for TENWEST and spark your imagination at TEDxUArizona: Spirit of Wonder, happening on Wednesday, Nov. 1, at Centennial Hall on UArizona's main campus. Come with us to investigate the future of medicine, hunt asteroids, own our data and ourselves, reconcile with our climate crisis, redefine the value of humanities, uncover music's emotional impact, and reconnect with childhood wonder.

Explore what each session will bring by visiting the TEDxUArizona site for more details. Purchase your ticket for only $5. Register today and choose any or all of the three sessions.



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